Grand Canyon South Rim Bike Tours

Biking on the Grand Canyon South Rim


Yaki Point Sunset Tour

This tour is all about the view! Starting on the paved trail directly in front of the bike shop in late afternoon (usually departing around 5:00 PM) and travel the Greenway to leave the crowds and cars behind. Immediately you will enjoy the freedom of cruising through the native forest looking for deer, elk and birds. After touring approximately one half mile you will be amazed to ride up to Grand Canyon by bicycle! It is a truly an unforgettable experience to approach such an incredible view in the serenity of a natural and quiet open-air setting.

After the cameras have been tucked safely away, you’ll mount up and ride the paved greenway trail that parallels this wondrous chasm. The Park service has done a great job of constructing a trail that is close to the rim, but also a safe distance away, so you can feel comfortable admiring the view while riding the trail. Stopping at the best outlooks for you to take the gorgeous light in a photo.

As the tour approaches the South Kaibab trail head, look for hardy hikers taking their last steps to accomplishing the remarkable feat of conquering the trail. From a distance you will get an understanding of scale, as we humans resemble mere ants! We can refill water bottles here and continue the ride to Yaki Point.

The tour will merge onto a travel restricted road at this point and share the road with scheduled park shuttle buses that pass once every 15-20 minutes. Timed right, you may not get passed at all. Upon arrival at Yaki point the view takes on a Grand scale to say the least! Yaki point is a great place to view the eastern buttes, temples and cliffs known as the Palisades of the Desert. This is the end point and the tour will return via the same route.

The sunset tour is also your best chance of seeing wildlife up-close-and-personal as game in the park starts to feed at this time of evening. The total mileage is 6 miles/ 9.5 Kilometers, with an elevation gain of 142 ft/ 43 meters. The tour has a gradual elevation gain on the ride to Yaki with the biggest gain coming after leaving the South Kaibab Trail Head.

Hermit's Rest Tour

The most popular bike tour takes you along a portion of the historic Hermit Road route. The road, originally built by early pioneers and then improved by the Santa Fe Railroad, winds along the Canyon’s rim for 7 miles and is closed to public vehicle traffic. It boasts some of the grandest views on the South Rim. This is the best scenic bike ride to do in the West, and the safest for families wanting to explore the rim by bike. After boarding our van with your bikes in tow, bypassing the challenging uphill parts of the road to begin riding at Hopi Point. Hopi Point offers one of the most sweeping vistas of the canyon available on the South Rim.

From there the tour proceeds westward for 5.6 miles (9 km) of low intensity riding; stopping at jaw-dropping lookouts along the way to take in the sights and hear interesting information about the natural and human history of the area. The tour ends at Hermit’s Rest where you can take your picture with the historic bell that graces the entrance to the 1914 Mary Jane Colter building designed and preserved to provide shelter, food, and curios for tourists at the end of the West Rim Drive. From Hermit’s rest you will return by van to the Visitor's Center. This is a fantastic tour for everyone including families with children!

Yaki Point Afternoon Tour

This tour leaves right from the bike shop’s doorstep and follows the Canyon’s newest greenway section out to Yaki Point. The highlight of this tour is its close vicinity to the edge. A one half mile into the tour you will emerge into a clearing that offers your first spectacular view of the canyon. From there, the path winds only a few feet from the rim almost all the way to the Yaki Point lookout. Your guide will take you through a colorful history of geology, plant life and human history along the way. They will also introduce you to some of the Canyon’s wildlife which is commonly seen in this area. You’ll conclude the first half of the tour by reaching Yaki Point which is also home to the head of the Kaibab Trail and the barns which house the Canyon’s Mules. The return ride follows the same route back but still provides plenty of fresh views. This is an excellent tour for those who wish to see a little of everything the canyon has to offer in a short amount of time. The paths are well maintained and only have slight inclines and declines. This makes it perfect for all ages and skill levels of riding.

Tour Brief

This is the best scenic ride to do in the west, and the safest for families wanting to explore.
Ride along breathtaking views that will show just how big this canyon really is.
3 hours interpretation of Grand Canyon geology,archeology, biology,natural history, and recent human history
The ride is leisurely; you can go at a pace that is comfortable for you.
Rental Bicycle
Rental Helmet
Round trip shuttle
Photo opportunities galore!


Hermit's Rest Tour Times: Peak Season 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM with a two person minimum
Tour Length: Approximately 3.5 hours

Yaki Afternoon Tour Times: 3:30 PM with a two person minimum
Tour Length: Approximately 3.5 hours (6 miles round trip)

Yaki Sunset Tour Times: 5:00 PM May 1 - September 15 with a two person minimum
Tour Length: Approximately 3.5 hours (6 miles round trip)

For all tours please arrive 30 minutes early for bike fitting, paperwork and safety instructions.

$ Price

Hermit's Rest: $64.00 per adult and $50.00 per child

Yaki Point Afternoon: $54.00 per adult and $43.00 per child

Yaki Point Sunset: $54.00 per adult (Due to low lighting conditions on ride home this tour is restricted to adults 16 and older.)

Additional Information


Your credit card will be charged at the time of booking or upon tour confirmation.
If confirmation is not immediate, an authorization is made with your card, then charged at the time of tour confirmation.
Charges may apply, if you change or cancel your booking.
Cancellations outside 48 hours prior to pick-up time will result in a $35 per person processing fee.
For cancellations within 48 hours from pick-up, there will be no refund.
No-shows will be responsible for the entire cost of the tour.

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